Saturday, January 12, 2013

Plan to fail

Every so often when you are using cloth diapers things seem to just not work the way they did last week.  Sometimes the washing machine decides to do something funny and you get repellent diapers.  Your child grows and changes and the diapers that were iron clad, leak proof, infallible poop sacks are now leaky, ill fitting nightmares.  It is important that you have some kind of diaper to fall back on.  You need that go to brand that just fits when things change or when things don't seem to be working.  For me those have been g diapers.  I know they may not be the choice or the greenest of cloth diapers but more often than not I can make them fit my daughter.  They have saved us when traveling and the airline lost our luggage.  Since babies'r'us carries the g diaper system it's easy enough to get some disposable inserts or a few extra covers or whatever. Just knowing that I could take a trip and buy something to help me get by for a day or so with less than our full stash of diapers was comforting.
Being a dad sometimes means that you are the back up plan or you have to have the back up plan.  Finding something that is easy for you to use and versatile is a must.  The infinite adjustability of the fuzzi bunz is amazing and the ease of use of the new free time diapers bum genius makes is fantastic.  Snaps are very nice because once you get them figured out all you have to do is snap them exactly the same way every time for a great fit, well at least for a few weeks.  Velcro is fantastic for getting a "custom" fit.  Velcro is fantastic in the dark for midnight, half awake diaper changes.  Velcro is, however, not fantastic in the laundry.  So like everything else there is a price to pay.  Just know that it's a lot easier to pay that price after you swooped in and saved the day by having a back up plan.  So keep a couple diapers that work well for you stashed away for when things fail.  It's cool to be the hero.

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