Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why Cloth

According to wikipedia the first disposable diaper was invented in 1948.  That means that for many of us parents now it's highly likely that our parents had cloth diapers on their bums rather than disposables.  Yet the reaction I get when I tell people that my daughter is in cloth diapers is one of mild shock.  Strangely enough despite advances in the technology in disposable diapers people seem to assume that the advances in cloth diaper technology stopped in 1948.  Lucky for us it hasn't.  The idea of putting at least 5000 disposable diapers in a landfill was troubling to me and my wife.  We planned on using some form of cloth diaper for some period of our daughter's life.  We weren't firmly committed to full time cloth diapering before she was born; we were going to be dabblers.  We got at least half a dozen different types of cloth diapers for our baby showers.  It was easy to get people on board with this since we didn't find out the sex of our child until she was born so people couldn't run out and buy cute little girls clothes for her until after she was born.

Our plans changed when our daughter came home.  She had been showing signs of an allergy to the disposable diapers at the hospital and the day she got home it looked awful.  Well like any dad I wasn't going to stand for that.  I looked through our stack of cloth diapers, picked out a small one, decided it was simple enough that even I could attach it to my daughter, and I folded and velcro'd until my daughter seemed securely and comfortably situated in a g diaper.  Within a few hours her rash was going away.  At her next diaper change I put her in another g diaper.  By the next morning my daughter was fine, she has never had problems with diaper rash since; I was sold.  We were going to cloth diaper full time.

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