Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You are an Ambassador

The thing you need to realize as someone who uses cloth diapers is that you are an ambassador for the rest of us to your part of the world.  People are going to find out that you use cloth and ask you about it.  Where a lot of people will go wrong is that the firs thing they will do is apologize to that person for their choice. Do not apologize for this decision!  When someone asks you about cloth diapers the main thing that you need to do is be excited about your choice.  This is particularly helpful when you go to a day care center and want to get them on board with cloth diapering your child.  In the case of day cares you can come prepared for this encounter.  Put your child in a diaper that you think the person at the day care will find cute or otherwise attractive.  When you tell them you cloth diaper your child they will say "oh, why?"  They are confused and put off by your choice.  You need to get them excited about it.  Come back by revealing the diaper and ask them if you can show them how they work.  Continue to be excited about the diapers.  Let's be honest using cloth diapers is just as easy as using disposable ones.  The only major difference is you dispose of poop in the toilet and place the diaper in a wet bag in stead of the trash.  Now let's be honest with ourselves here; isn't disposing of poop in a toilet a much better solution than bundling it up and putting it in a trash bin to stink up the room.  Forgive me my aside.  You see I'm excited about how using cloth diapers has benefited my life and my daughter's life too.  Now after your demonstration about how easy cloth diapers are to use most people will decide that they are actually easy to use, some may even think they are cool or great.

To recap:
1. Don't apologize for using cloth
2. Be excited
3. Use bold color or patterned diapers if you can plan ahead
4. Show them in action
5. Remember you are our Ambassador!

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